#50 ‘What Difference Does It Make?’ by the Smiths (26 May)

Album: The Smiths, 1984

Justification: My love affair with the Smiths began when someone who lived near some family friends had a garage sale. Said friends had kids around our age, which was about 13 at the time, and when Ben and Sophie were showing off their haul I gravitated toward the mysterious cover of the Smith’s self-titled debut. Ben put it on the turntable starting with side 2, so the first Smiths song I ever knowingly heard was ‘What Difference Does It Make’. And I fell in love right away (I had also fallen in love with Soph at this point, but that’s another, even sadder story).

That insistent guitar riff imprinted itself on my brain, as did Morrissey’s glib “but I’m still fond of you / Oh-ho-ho” and immediately sent me delving into their back catalogue. Beatles aside, they’ve been my longest continuous musical relationship.

And Soph? We never even kissed, dammit. We’re still friends, though.