#215 ‘Leave Them All Behind’ by Ride (22 Feb)

Album: Going Blank Again, 1992

Justification: Oh Ride, you were the soundtrack of my uni years. The band’s debut Nowhere had been a shoegaze classic, welding the noise and effect-heavy guitars of My Bloody Valentine to 60s influenced songcraft, but there’s a decent argument that Going Blank Again was their masterpiece. And ‘Leave Them All Behind’ was a magnificent way to begin it: with a keyboard drone borrowed from the Who’s ‘Baba O’Riley’ the album version of this song builds and builds into with Loz Colbert and Steve Queralt jamming out the rhythm before Andy Bell and Mark Gardener break loose all hell on the guitars. Kinda loses something in this video edit, really, but still: hell of a song.

The album contained the seeds of the band’s eventual destruction: Bell’s poppy ‘Twisterella’ indicated that he’d rather like to be more of a straightforward pop band rather than a sonic pioneer, and by the time of third album Carnival of Light they were bickering over songwriting credits and inexplicably covering the Creation’s ‘How Does It Feel To Feel’. They split before the godawaful final album Tarantula crawled out in 1996 leaving Loz and Gardener to try being Jesus Jones eight years too late with The Animalhouse and Bell to form what amounted to an Oasis tribute band Hurricane #1 before actually joining Oasis until their split in 2009.

And under normal circumstances we’d be seeing a reunion tour around now, which might go some way to making up for my not seeing Ride at the Old Lion, but noooooo: Andy Bell’s concentrating on Beady Eye, or The Band That Used To Be Oasis Only Without The Bloke That Wrote The Songs People Liked. They’ve just put out an album, for which the cover is a girl riding an alligator; and I’m sure I’m not the only person to have thought “Oh great, it’s the Sonia Dada revival.”

Loz was drumming with the Jesus & Mary Chain last they toured. I pretty much just watched him the whole time.

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