#224 ‘Refugees’ by the Tears (7 Mar)

Album: Here Come The Tears, 2005

Justification: Oh, the hopes we had when we heard that Brett Anderson was once again working with Bernard Butler. The first two Suede albums were (and are) magnificent creations, despite Butler leaving before 1994’s Dog Man Star was completed, and although Suede hit their commercial peak with 1996’s subsequent Coming Up only mad people think that there was much left to love after the band from there on in. So the news that hatchets had been buried and fences mended between the pair in 2004 filled right-thinking people with joy, and album the following did not disappoint.

From the outset it was clear that strange alchemy was rekindled and in fact this, the first single, suggested that nothing had changed much in the intervening decade. The whole album was pretty damn good, but the band fizzled to a halt quickly: the record underperformed, they were dropped from their deal and, after a handful of live shows, retreated to “write the next album”. Which clearly proved harder than they’d expected: the official website quietly vanished in 2006, Butler got busy discovering Duffy, and Anderson made some more terrible solo records until the Coming Up-era Suede reunited in 2010. But as false dawns go, this song suggested a particularly beautiful day was about to begin.

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