#308 ‘Great Southern Land’ by Icehouse (22 July)

Album: Primative Man, 1982

Justification: I’ve previous talked about how freakin’ much I adore the first Icehouse album, and I’m hugely looking forward to seeing them do said album live at Homebake later this year. And if ‘Sister’ had a video, I’d probably have put this in here instead, but there doesn’t appear to be one.

Still, that album and this one were huge favourites of mine when I was in high school but, unfortunately, I had to keep quiet about it because I’d discovered Icehouse just as they got huge with Man of Colours, which I loathed with a passion. Even then I knew that I could never knowingly support a man with so huge a mullet, and so Icehouse and I parted ways. Still, I was just thinking about their stellar run of singles – there’s a compilation coming out next month that’s likely to kick my arse with awesome.

Oh, and ‘Great Southern Land’? It’s easy to forget how good it is since its become one of those too-familiar tunes that have been co-opted by dickheads and advertising campaigns, but like ‘Wide Open Road’ this song captures something of the space of Australia, though with the Triffids I picture red dust and scrub whereas this is mountains and endless coastlines. There aren’t many songs about Australia that make me anything by embarrassed, but this one actually sounds a bit like a place I know.

THIS TIME IN 2010: The Chills made their greatest statement to the world with ‘Heavenly Pop Hit’.

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