#326 ‘Hieronymus’ by the Clouds (22 Aug)

Album: Penny Century, 1991

Justification: I predicted their reunion over a year ago in this very blog because I am amazing, and seeing (the) Clouds live again for the first time in 15-odd years at the Enmore the other night was a magnificent experience. Yes, it was nostalgic and pandering to my youthful memories and so on, and I was also pretty drunk by the time they played (though not nearly as drunk as I was to be by the time the Wonder Stuff and Jesus Jones came on), but dear god, I loved that band then and I love them now. In fact, I’d say I get them more now than I did at the time, especially the Thunderhead album which I thought was a bit sub-par then but now seems like their masterpiece.

This, however, was The Hit from their first album. They’d done two EPs – a self titled one that contained ‘Cloud Factory’ and the Loot EP that had ‘Souleater’ on it – so community radio and Triple J were all over them. And this video got a lot of play, which was weird for a song that’s about Jodi Phillis enjoying the nightmarish art of 15th century Dutch painter Hieronymus Bosch. Boy meets girl it ain’t.

Anyway: hell of a song, one of the highlights of a good if patchy album (‘Show Me’ always killed live but sounds so, so limp on record…). And I want to see more Clouds shows now, please. Just seeing Jodi and Dave Easton standing together in the Yalumba Wine Bar before the show made me tear up.

SONG YOU SHOULD HAVE REDISCOVERED THIS TIME IN 2010: It was a weekend, so enjoy the likes of the Violent Femmes, Blur, the Hummingbirds and more in the 1991 archives!

3 thoughts on “#326 ‘Hieronymus’ by the Clouds (22 Aug)

  1. How did they sound? (Clouds) thought about going, but it was a very long time ago that I listened to them (and went to every show in sydney)

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