#367 ‘Girls Talk’ by Dave Edmunds (24 Oct)

Album: Repeat When Necessary, 1979

Justification: For years I’d just assumed this was an Elvis Costello song, because it sounded exactly like an Elvis Costello song. Also, it turned out to be an Elvis Costello song – though he didn’t perform it, at least initially: it was written for Dave Edmunds, who made it a major hit. It was clearly the cool thing to do in that group of people: Elvis was to do something similar with a song written by Edmunds’ bandmate Nick Lowe: ‘(What’s So Funny ‘Bout) Peace, Love and Understanding?’

Lowe and Edmunds were in Rockpile together very briefly after this single (all of Rockpile play on it, as they did on Lowe’s Labour of Lust), but the band split after their managers had a falling out. He went on to do stuff with Jeff Lynne from ELO and produced a bunch of people, most notably Shakin’ Stevens. Yes, someone was responsible for that.

He’s still around, but doesn’t play all that often outside of Ringo Starr’s All-Star Band, as far as I can see.

SONG YOU SHOULD HAVE REDISCOVERED THIS TIME IN 2010: Weekend, so have a dance through the 1979 archive, why don’t you?

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