#383 ‘Jonathon Fisk’ by Spoon (17 Nov)

Album: Kill the Moonlight, 2002

Justification: Spoon broke through in Australia with ‘The Way We Get By’, which Triple J went absolutely nuts over, but this was the superior song in my humble opinion – mainly because it rocks so much harder. And because it’s a nice revenge on a schoolyard bully – the real J Fisk used to pick on Britt Daniel at school, although Daniel claimed that in adulthood Fisk became a huge fan of the band and attended dozens of gigs, presumably right up until the moment that he listened to the lyrics and realised what an arsehole he’d been and decided to dedicate his life to doing good works. At least, that’s what the man should have done. Speaks with his fists, indeed.

I’m pretty sure they played this the first time I saw them, at Fowlers Live Adelaide in support of Gimme Fiction circa 2005. I could be wrong, though, since most Spoon shows are an exercise in disappointment. For a band that can’t make a bad record, they can be mighty patchy live.

SONG YOU SHOULD HAVE REDISCOVERED THIS TIME IN 2010: Scritti Politti were getting inscrutable with ‘Woodbeez’.


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