#399 ‘Don’t Falter’ by Mint Royale (13 Dec)

Album: On the Ropes, 1999

Justification: Before we get into this, it’s possibly worth noting that there may well be a few breaks in SYSRTBIIA over the next few weeks due to things like travel and nephews and holidays. Sort of like how there have already been a few days off because of traveling to and recovering from the Meredith Music Festival, which was great. So don’t go worrying yourself about how I’ve abandoned this ridiculous blog-thing: it’s still alive, and it’s still defying any reasonable justification to exist beyond my own bloodymindedness.

Housekeeping done, let’s move on to this glorious piece of pop perfection – the sort of song that Saint Etienne used to trip over when popping down to the shops. Mint Royale used to be a pair of big beat DJs, Neil Claxton and Chris Baker, who got underground cred for their remixes before moving up to making their own records. They still exist – well, Claxton still performs under the name – though in Australia they’re known pretty much only for this 2000 single. The angelic vocals are courtesy of one Lauren Laverne, whose band Kenickie had barely split up by this point and who was yet to establish herself as a TV presenter. And I’ve always adored this wistful little confection, with it’s goofy optimism and adolescent infatuation. And also the ba-ba-bada backing vocals, for which I’m always a sucker.

The song had a different clip for the US, who clearly prefer Shag-alike retro animation to Laverne being flirty in a supermarket for some reason. Still, both clips are damn cute.

SONG YOU SHOULD HAVE REDISCOVERED THIS TIME IN 2010: Inspired by Cloud Control at the 2010 Meredith, reacquaint yourself with the Butthole Surfers and ‘Pepper’.


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