#441 ‘Francesca’s Party’ by Baxter Dury (7 Feb)

Album: Floor Show, 2005

Justification: There are certain songs that I love so, so much that I feel an almost evangelical need to shout about from the metaphorical rooftops, despite the fact that technically they’re too obscure to be “rediscovered”. Luckily this blog is based entirely on my whims of a morning, so I can capriciously decide that no, you’re going to get ‘C’mon’ by the Soft Pack – or I can come up with some unconvincing explanation for why pulling out Absentee’s ‘We Should Never Have Children’ is entirely reasonable. And so it is that today you get this low-key shoulda-been classic by the son of Ian Dury (as in “and the Blockheads”), who deserves an entry of his own but is now being pipped by his offspring.

Pictured: boobs.

Floor Show landed on my desk and immediately caught my attention because the cover featured a)  the surname Dury emblazoned thereon, and b) boobs. This is the opening track and it took me a long time to get any further into the album because I felt the obsessive need to play and re-play it – the “no matter / how hard / you try, you fall from grace” coda that is at once resigned and reassuring, as sung by a man who clearly is no stranger to the getting-fucked-up arts. I’ve not heard either of his two other records, but this one is still an enduring favourite.

I only stumbled across the clip a couple of days ago when I was idly wondering whether this song had one, and I trust that you too will enjoy some weirdly terrifying nightmares in the weeks to come.

Incidentally, that’s the five-year-old Baxter on the cover of his dad’s classic New Boots & Panties.

SONG YOU SHOULD HAVE REDISCOVERED THIS TIME IN 2011: The brief, false second dawn of Suede’s creative axis that was the Tears with their swoonworthy debut single ‘Refugees’.


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