#474 ‘Logic’ by Operator Please (23 May)

Album: Gloves, 2010

Justification: There’s a rule of thumb that has proved to have remarkable predictive power in my years as a music writer, and it is this: if an act is popular, and they release a song I like, their career is on the skids.

"…because they're a prog band, right?" - the graphic designer

Operator Please were all cute and bratty and we’ll-do-the-show-right-here!-y when they first emerged from a Gold Coast high school band competition in 2005. They swiftly became Triple J darlings via ‘A Song About Ping Pong’ and whatever the other things they released were, and I can be that dismissive because I really didn’t care for them one goddamn bit.

They then went through the same thing that most bands go through when they’re a bunch of friends who get together for fun, become unexpectedly successful and then suddenly realise they have a 24 hour a day job: a good slab of the band left (including, notoriously, keyboardist Sarah Gardiner who did a shoot for Australian porn site Abby Winters under the nom de boobs “Tricia L”) leaving the construction of album #2 to singer/songwriter/frontperson Amandah Wilkinson, drummer Tim Commandeur and violinist Taylor Henderson plus some new hands and Semothy Jones (aka UK producer/songwriter Andrew Hughes) getting a whole bunch of co-writing credits.

This bass-heavy piece of awesome was the first single and was the best thing the band had ever done by a pretty large margin. it got decent airplay, a lot of anticipation as the comeback of the much-loved band, and stormed all the way to… um, #47 on the ARIA charts.

It’s hard to know whether they’re still a going concern – I’ve heard Wilkinson is working on other more commercial prospects these days and their official site was last updated almost exactly a year ago (May 24 2011, to be precise) but regardless, this is still a great tune.

SONG YOU SHOULD HAVE REDISCOVERED THIS TIME IN 2010 AND/OR 2011: I must have been sick, or having a wonderful time, because I had this off as well. There’s not much in the 2010 archive, but you’re welcome to it – and it’s all freakin’ ace.


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