#476 ‘Kiss Them For Me’ by Siouxise & the Banshees (4 June)

Album: Superstition, 1991

Justification: …and we’re back.

When this first came out I remember thinking “really? Siouxsie? Using THAT drum loop?” See, the Banshees were a more diverse band than they were given credit for but they were very firmly in a the same gosh/alt.rock milieu that contained, obviously, the Cure – but then in 1991 they discovered sampling and electronics and the result was their most accessible and upbeat album, which broke them in the US and gave their career a massive shot in the arm. And all it took was a Schooly D drumbeat, production from Stephen Hague and some mad tabla playing from one Talvin Singh.

The Siouxsie candles were an interesting but flawed marketing concept.

And I loathed it.

That drum loop and the oh-so-of-the-moment bhangra rhythms dated it horribly, or so I thought, and for the first time it seemed like Ms Sioux was paying attention to what other people were doing rather than ploughing her own idiosyncratic furrow. Now, of course, I realise that it’s an amazing song that transcends its period, even though the production means you could still date this pretty much to the month.

Apparently the song is about the life and death of Jayne Mansfield. No, I never realised that either. Thanks, Wikipedia!

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