#502 ‘Ulysses’ by Franz Ferdinand (27 July)

Album: Tonight: Franz Ferdinand, 2009

Justification: As with most Franz Ferdinand singles, to my enduring shame, I didn’t love this on first listen. Or second. Or fifth. But then about the tenth time I heard it, it was suddenly the greatest song I’d ever heard in my life and what the hell was wrong with me?

Seriously, look at him. JUST LOOK AT HIM.

Incidentally, it was when the band were (pre-)touring this album that I met Alex Kapranos. He was standing in line behind me for Pavement‘s reunion gig at the Enmore Theatre. As we waited for the guestlist he asked his friend who the promoter was because he couldn’t remember what name he was down under. I told him, we chatted briefly, and he enthused greatly about Time Out (which is, in case you are unaware, the magazine for which I work). True story.

Also, he was the most breathtakingly beautiful man I have ever spoken to. Honestly, if he’d kissed me right then and there I’d have melted into a puddle. Alex, if you’re reading this, please know that this whole “heterosexuality” thing of mine is clearly nothing but a multi-decade phase I’ve been in while waiting for the right guy to come along. I think we’d have a beautiful future together.

Also, that leather jacket you were wearing? You look stunning in it.

Seriously. Call me.

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SONG YOU SHOULD HAVE REDISCOVERED THIS TIME IN 2011: Paul McCartney, you can surprise us: how awesome is ‘Coming Up’? Fucking, is how.


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