#509 ‘ROYGBIV’ by Boards of Canada (22 Aug)

Album: Music Has The Right To Children, 1998

Justification: Oh, what a song.

I think I’m right in saying I first heard the Scots duo BoC on a Matador compilation, most likely their triple-disc Everything Is Nice which had a whole lot of freakin’ amazing music and an electric blue cover. In any case, I remember buying this album for my then-girlfriend-now-ex-wife at Borders in Rundle Mall ahead of Xmas 1998 and feeling very conflicted about it.

This album cover has fuelled a lot of my nightmares over the last decade or so…

Borders, you see, had just arrived and were threatening to shut down all the indie record and book stores in Adelaide with their huge range and low, low prices – I know, it sounds mad, but this was during the late 90s flowering of big box stores who hadn’t noticed that the internet was a thing – and given that said girlfriend worked for Mary Martins Bookshop on Rundle Street, even going into the shop was effectively an unforgivable act of treason.

Furthermore, I had no intention of buying it or any other album from anywhere but Big Star, the indie record store chain for which I had once worked and around which my entire purchasing life revolved (not least because I got a handsome discount). But Big Star didn’t have it. Neither did Muses, Blue Beat or B#, which were the other indie record stores I hit up in my quest. Sucking up my pride, I even looked in the CD racks of the very new JB Hi-Fi (which I’d sworn never to buy CDs from, only games and DVDs). No joy.

And so, in a last ditch effort, I looked in Borders. And there it was.

I cannot tell you how I wrestled with my conscience over this purchase. I knew Big Star would take a couple of weeks if I ordered it through them, and that would be too late. I knew that I could try out some of the more dance-specific record stores and hope that some Boards of Canada had slipped in with their Warp orders, but I’d already done two laps of the CBD thus far. I was footsore, desperate, and knew what I had to do.

And so I bought it.

And now almost all of the places named above – Big Star, Muses, B#, Blue Beat, and of course Borders – have closed down (The Muses still exists online, technically): it turns out that the internet was coming for all of them – although JBs lives on, as does Mary Martins. So, um, happy ending?

And despite it being a gift for Lara, I seem to have kept it along with all the other Boards of Canada discs. Whether that was me being selfish or her throwing a present back in my face, I honestly can’t recall. Knowing us both, probably neither.

Oh, and you know the title is an acronym for the colours in a rainbow, right? Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet. Which isn’t really accurate, but there you go.

And it’s a fan-made video too, but a nice one.

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