Er, hi. How the hell is it November all of a sudden?

Dear the Internet,

Sorry, I’ve been neglecting this dusty little corner of the World Wide Webz – but rest assured that it’s not because I’ve been unusually lazy, but because I’ve been busy. Because I am WERKING JERNALIST.

An artist's impression of my post-invoice situation, because writing for a living is incredibly lucrative. Also, because I am an elderly duck.

An artist’s impression of my post-invoice situation, because writing for a living is incredibly lucrative. Also, because I am an elderly duck.

I’m in a bunch of print things either not (or not yet) on the interwebs: there are a load of film reviews in the Sunday papers at the moment written by me – seriously, 2Guns is surprisingly awesome – and the upcoming Australian Guitar has a lovely big feature on how Tumbleweed kissed and made up (and how the resulting album is possibly the best they’ve ever done). There was a Rolling Stone interview with Franz Ferdinand in there somewhere too, and a piece on digital music for Virgin’s inflight magazine Voyeur.

Speaking of music, here’s my argument at Fasterlouder about how Future of the Left’s new album is the best thing of 2013, obviously

And there’s a whole lot of politics at TheVine and Time Out with my regular columns 10 Things (Mon-Thurs) and Word on the P Street (every Thursday), respectively. Those links will take you to the specific archives where ALL MY WORDS ARE BURIED.

What else? Oh, I bitched about Kyle & Jackie O at Time Out in that brief, halcyon afternoon where we thought they were gone from the airwaves, I made fun of Halloween costumes because clickbait at TheVine, I talked about the possible actual death of Australian music festivals and the Paul Kelly doco at the Guardian, as well as interviewed Calexico (as part of my loads-and-loads-of-coverage I did the Guardian for Brisbane Festival, which was my first travel-and-be-a-correspondent gig ever), lived out a long-time dream by interviewing US sex advice columnist Dan Savage,and a less long-time dream by interviewing Tom Hiddleston about the new Thor film, and mourned Lou Reed.

I also established which is the most deceptively difficult karaoke song in the entire world, because the big issues are what I deal with, and asked Daily Life if men can ever hope to be as funny as women. And there were also a load of other things that I can’t remember without looking  through my diary and crying blood. September/October, you’ve been a lot of work.

But: there’s a load more coming, and my plans to get a new and prettier website happening (and to get back into Songs You Should Rediscover Today Because They Are Awesome in a more active way) are still operational. Honest. Along with about six other projects in various states of undress.

Speaking of which, I should really put some pants on.

Yours ever,


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