#540 ‘Energy’ by the Apples in Stereo (24 Oct)

Album: New Magnetic Wonder, 2007

Justification: Look, I know I barely update this ever now, but I still love this thing. Honest.

A lot of this era was covered in the entry for ‘Dance Floor’, but: this was sorta-kinda meant to be the breakthrough for the legendary US indie band in 2007: Robert Schneider (AiS singer/songwriter, not the anti-vaccination idiot) was in the process of splitting from his wife Hilary Sidney, the band’s co-founder and drummer (who plays on this album), and so was ready to make some big changes.

That's pretty much what the album sounds like too: a lot of colours colliding.

That’s pretty much what the album sounds like too: a lot of colours colliding.

And it got attention – it’s the hold music at AGL, as I learned to my surprise last I rang to complain – but it didn’t exactly herald a renaissance. Despite being done on American Idol once, which was WEIRD.

After this they were signed by Elijah Wood, newly flush with his Lord of the Rings money, formed a record company and signed them for two albums.

The band are kinda on hold at the moment: keyboardist Bill Doss (also of Olivia Tremor Control) tragically died a couple of years ago, and Schneider is currently doing his PhD in pure mathematics.

Schneider solo was also the very last show I saw at the much-missed legendary Sydney venue the Hopetoun Hotel in Surry Hills, a couple of weeks before it abruptly and permanently closed. He was amazing.

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