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Guess what? You can hear Andrew P Street talk about Song You Should Rediscover Today Because It Is Awesome and music generally on ABC radio on the odd Tuesday evening on ABC 702 in Sydney and Canberra, with Dom Knight, and every Friday morning on ABC Alice Springs with Nadine Maloney. True story.

Andrew P Street “writes” for a “living”. You can regularly read the words he’s painstakingly arranged into sentences in Time Out Australia, although he’s also been published in lots of other places over the years, including Rolling Stone, GQ, Australian Guitar, Blunt, The Big Issue, Cosmos, the Sunday Telegraph and its related News Ltd titles in other states, TheVine, the NME, Daily Life, NineMSN, fasterlouder, Mess+Noise, every single Australian street press that has ever existed, and on the prestigious Internet.

He was, at one time, a musician of sorts. Prior to that he was a public servant, a university student, a high school student, a primary school pupil, a kindergartener, an infant, a fetus and Cleopatra*. Even earlier, he was unrelated atoms swirling in the early universe. Before that, he was a series of leptons.

He grew up in Adelaide, the South Australian capital city about which his feelings are complicated but broadly positive, but was created in Sydney where he once again lives. He has a very cute financé, three nephews, a step-cat, a record collection that has reduced grown men to tears and an increasingly-annoying obsession with the mechanisms by which solar systems are formed, about which he has to remember to shut up since no-one cares.

His favourite comedian is Maria Bamford, he will argue at length that A History of the World in 10 1/2 Chapters is actually Julian Barnes’ masterwork, and he thinks that Jaws 2 is an enormously underrated film.

In keeping with current fashions, he is bipedal.

Should you wish to contact him, best address is Andrew P Street (one word) at Gmail dot com.

*If his first housemate’s hippy mother’s book on past lives is correct.

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  2. Hi Andrew,
    Just wondering if there is an email address I can send an mp3 to you of a band and song I’m trying to find out about. It was from one of my old tapes of taping Triple J sometime between 1993-1996. I think they are Australian. It’s a dodgy version so hoping to track down a cd copy.

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