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You don’t have to take my word for being a writer who writes about things for people: no longer will you have to scour the internet for things with my byline, as I assume everyone does all the time. No, now you can enjoy the quiet pleasure that is reading things I’ve written for various reasons collected in this one handy location, like some sort of Child’s Treasury of Andrew P Street Often Being  Snarky About Things. In order to give it extra gravitas, imagine it’s in a leatherbound volume rather than a series of clickable links.

I’ll update this in a haphazard manner whenever I remember something and go “hey, that had a nice line in it, should totally link it.”


7 reasons why ‘The Empire Strikes Back’ makes no sense, the Vine May 2013.

In Defence of Marriage Daily Life, April 2013

Why it’s okay to shame OkCreeps The Vine, April 2013

In Defence of Hipsters Time Out, April 2013

Should Alan Jones Just Shut The Hell Up? Time Out, April 2013

How To Not Be Called A Rapist, The Vine, March 2013

John Lydon interview, Fasterlouder, March 2013

How Old is Too Old for Music Festivals? Time Out Australia, Feb 2013

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds: Push the Sky Away album review, Time Out Australia, Feb 2013

Should Relationships Last ‘Til Death Do Us Part Daily Life, Jan 2013

The Best Way to Watch Star Wars TheVine, Jan 2013

Loving Someone With Depression Daily Life, Dec 2012

Dancing About Architecture: the slow death of music journalism PAN Magazine, Sep 2012

…And That’s When I Realised I was Being Tailed by Security Confession Booth, Apr 2012)

I’m Not Going To Have Kids Daily Life, Nov 2012

Brian Eno interview (Time Out Sydney, May 2009)



Why Fred Nile wants a referendum on marriage equality Time Out, May 2013

Why should we bother with ANZAC Day Time Out, April 2013

obituary for Chrissy Amphlett Mess+Noise, April 2013

The Gentle Art of Heckling Time Out Melbourne, April 2013

Margaret Thatcher’s Five Greatest Contributions to Pop Fasterlouder, April 2013

An Open Letter to Sydney Public Transport Time Out Sydney, April 2013

Getting Back to the True Meaning(s) of Easter Time Out, March 2013

Ten Things the New Star Wars Films Will Require (Going By Recent Trends) Time Out, March 2013

Why All Albums Should Be Ten Tracks Or Less Time Out, March 2013

A guide to fake public apologies TheVine, Feb 2013

The least welcome musical comebacks of 2012 (The Vine, Jan 2013)

Five Songs That Make The End Of The World Seem Welcome (Fasterlouder, Dec 2012)

RIP INXS: weren’t they already dead? The Fix, NineMSN, Nov 2012

Star Wars: the forthcoming sequels Time Out Australia, Nov 2012

The Go Betweens: an alternative best-of (mess+noise, Oct 2012)

Time Out’s Thematic Calendar for 2013 (Time Out Australia, Oct 2012)

The Most Overrated Albums of All Time (contributions, fasterlouder, Sep 2012)



The Sunnyboys Time Out April 2013

Deftones Time Out April 2013

David Lee Roth, Time Out, April 2013

PVT, Fasterlouder, March 2013

Beck/Atoms For Peace/REM drummer Joey Waronker, TheVine, Jan 2013

Chris Bailey of the Saints, Fasterlouder, Dec 2012

Steve Abini of Shellac, TheVine, Oct 2012

Ash Grunwald, Australian Guitar, Sept 2012

Tim & Eric, Time Out Australia, Aug 2012

Linkin Park, Blunt, Aug 2012

Slipknot, Blunt, Feb 2012

The Jezabels, Blunt, Sep 2011

The Church, Australian Guitar, June 2011



 They Might Be Giants live Time Out, April 2013

Underground Lovers: Weekend CD  mess+noise, April 2013

The Host film review, Sunday Telegraph, April 2013

Ross McLennan: The Night’s Deeds are Vapour mess+noise, March 2013

All Tomorrow’s Parties: I’ll Be Your Mirror live review, Time Out Melbourne, Feb 2013

Bored Nothing: Bored Nothing CD mess+noise, Jan 2013

Metallica: Death Quebec DVD, Australian Guitar, Jan 2013

Les Miserables film review, Sunday Telegraph, Dec 2012

The Mark of Cain: Songs of the Third and Fifth Fasterlouder, Dec 2012

Tame Impala: Lonerism CD 4/5, mess+noise, Oct 2012

Sophie Hutchings: Night Sky CD 5/5, mess+noise, Sep 2012

Amanda Palmer & the Grand Theft Orchestra: Theatre is Evil CD 5/5, Time Out Sydney, Sep 2012

Adam Roberts: By Light Alone book review Cosmos, Sep 2012

Cole Clark FL2AC 3 Way guitar review Australian Guitar, Jul 2012

The Ides of March film review Sunday Telegraph, Nov 2011

Rock’n’Roll Hubris Porn: reviews of music bios Time Out Sydney, Nov 2011

Conan the Barbarian film review Sunday Telegraph, Aug 2011

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